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Logo design types and fundamentals

July 24, 2022

A proper logo is much more important for every organization. Here I’m going to explain Logo design types and fundamentals for business and people. A logo carries the identity of an organization. Their work, purpose, and their various services are also highlighted through this logo. This is why many organizations use many types of logos. In this blog, we will discuss the 3 most popular types of logos.

Combination mark logo

The combination mark logo is one of the most common logos of the present time. The combination mark is associated with the wordmark in the logo by the company name and various shapes. If the brand name is placed in the place of the symbol in this combination mark logo, the brand name will appear in front of everyone in a beautiful way, maybe it can be placed anywhere inside, above, left, or right of the symbol. This combination mark logo can be a good choice for your business or organization.

This combination mark logo will easily strengthen the logo in front of everyone if you give your company name with different shapes or pictures of your business. And it will be easy for the general public to come up with ideas about your brand logo in front of the general public, and very easily remember and remember. And if you look at the big companies in the world, you can see that the combination mark logo is used. And when we see this combination mark logo shape, we can easily recognize all these brands or companies.

Letter Mark Logo

The logo is the first and foremost theme of a company. And this logo is the first thing that comes to your mind when you start your company or business. And you can easily show the reputation of your company in front of everyone through this logo. And with this logo, everyone can easily think about your company. You understand how important a logo is for a company or business. And there are many types of logos, and you have to decide which logo will be best for your company. And one of them is the letter mark logo. A letter mark is known as a typographic or monogram logo. And in this type of logo, the first letter of the company or the name of the company is used. And if you are looking at some big companies. Such as:

  • HP: Hewlett-Packard
  • IBM: Intercontinental Business Machines
  • H & M: Hennes & Mauritz
  • HBO: Home Box Office
  • CNN: Cable News Network

For example, if we look at the hp logo above, we can see that they have completed their logo using only 2 words. And if the letter mark logo is typography and you can use the first letter of the company or brand or shorten the name of the company. And since the first few letters in this type of logo are noticed, choosing a font is one of the most important tasks in a letter mark logo. And if your company or brand is new, it is better not to create such a logo. And if you want to use this type of logo exclusively, you can specify the full name of your company or brand below a few letters. Then everyone will be able to understand the thing very easily. And everyone likes this kind of logo. The use of such short names and the first letter of the name is called the letter mark logo.

Word Mark Logo

The wordmark logo is the name of the company or brand in which the company name is given. The wordmark logo is typography-based. With this logo, your job will be easier to show your company or brand in front of everyone. And if the logo of this company is introduced in front of the customers, then the name of your company or brand will easily spread among everyone. And with the name of this company, customers can easily understand what kind of service this company provides.

And in this case, the main thing is to make the logo with the name of the company. Since the logo has to be made with the name of the company, then the font and color of the logo have to be determined keeping in view everything in a good way. And you cannot change this type of logo if you want. And many big companies in the world also use this wordmark logo. Below are some examples. Such as:

  • Google
  • Coca-cola
  • Amazon
  • eBay

Logo design types and fundamentals

And there are many benefits to using this type of logo. If your company or brand is new then you can use this type of logo. If your company name is short then you can use it. And if you want to present your company name to the customers as a brand, then the wordmark logo will become an important part for you very easily, and the customers will also remember it very easily.

The wordmark logo may not be usable for you for some reason. If your company or brand name is big then this wordmark logo is not for you. If you do not want to update or change your company’s logo periodically, because the font is updated and updated every few days. And at present, the logo of the middle minimal font of the middle wordmark logo is becoming quite popular among everyone. And this kind of logo is called a wordmark logo.

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