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3maluna Social Media App Case Study

Case Study

Project Overview

I have developed a community forum and job posting application specifically for the Muslim community, including a mobile app. It was a challenging task to create a platform that respected and incorporated Muslim traditions and cultures. Careful consideration was given to ensure that all content was appropriate and suitable for Muslim users. The end result is an app that is comfortable and user-friendly for the Muslim community.


Simplify the user experience by providing clear and organized subscription options that can be easily accessed and interacted with. Streamline the interface to make it easy for users to locate what they need and display the subscription status prominently on all pages.


It’s important to define the project’s goals and objectives, identify the target users, and outline the research methods that will be used. This can include interviewing users, conducting usability testing, and analyzing data and analytics. It’s also important to establish a research plan, including timelines and milestones, and to assemble a research team with the necessary skills and experience. Additionally, it’s crucial to establish clear communication channels with stakeholders, such as the client or product team, to ensure that research findings are effectively shared and incorporated into the design process.

Usability study

After conducting an in-depth analysis of the system and project concept, I have identified the general users of this forum to be primarily within the Muslim community. I have taken this into consideration and created a user-centered design plan that is appropriate for Muslim traditions and culture. Additionally, I have identified user needs and pain points that will be addressed during the problem-solving phase. To gain further insight, I have conducted interviews with Muslim social media users and Muslim job seekers to understand their expectations and ideas for a Muslim-centric social media or forum.

Secondary research

I am conducting research on the users of 3maluna, a platform with a focus on Islam and the Muslim community. My client has provided information on their target audience and I have gathered additional information to inform the design of the login user interface. I will also ensure that the content is appropriate and in line with Islamic culture. The goal is to make the interface easy to use, with features such as engagement, chat, notifications, connections, and profile setup. Additionally, I will include a translation option to accommodate users who speak multiple languages. The platform will also have a section for jobs, similar to LinkedIn, but with a Q&A forum aspect. The overall aim is to create a user experience that is consistent with a social media platform.

As a user, I want to...

User Story

As a busy millennial, I want to be able to quickly check and update my social media profiles on the go, so that I can stay connected with my friends and followers, and share my daily life with them.

I open the app and see a clean, easy-to-use interface that shows me my most recent notifications and activities. I can quickly swipe through my feeds, like and comment on my friends’ posts, and share my own updates with just a few taps. The app also suggests new friends and groups for me to join based on my interests, and lets me easily discover and join trending conversations and events. I can also customize my profile and privacy settings to my liking, and set notifications for specific friends and events. The app automatically saves my photos and videos, so I never lose my precious memories.

Overall, the social media app is a seamless, intuitive, and fun way for me to stay connected and express myself online.

User Flow

User flow refers to the steps and paths that a user takes within a product or service, from opening the app to completing a desired task. A well-designed user flow ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for the user, leading them towards their goal efficiently and effectively.

Project Items

I have meticulously crafted every aspect of this project at the sketch stage. I have designed all the UI & UX elements, including the interactive interfaces and visual designs, along with a comprehensive set of marketing materials. All of these efforts aim to bring the project to life and ensure its success.

Color palette

A color palette is a collection of colors used to guide a design’s visual style and create cohesive, eye-catching designs.


Typography in UI design involves choosing appropriate fonts, sizes, styles, and spacing to enhance readability and create visual hierarchy for better user experience.

User Persona

A user persona is a fictional representation of a target user for UX design to guide design decisions and create user-centered experiences.

Components Library

UI components are individual, reusable elements of a user interface, such as buttons, forms, icons, and typography, that come together to form a complete design. They provide a consistent look and feel and help streamline the design process.

Hi Fidelity Wireframe

Hi-Fidelity Wireframes are detailed, realistic representations of a user interface in the design process. They are created to simulate the look and feel of the final product and provide a visual representation of the design solution. Hi-Fidelity Wireframes are used to validate design concepts and communicate ideas with stakeholders, making them an important part of the user experience (UX) design process. They often include visual elements such as typography, color, and images, as well as functional elements such as buttons, links, and navigation. The goal is to create a realistic representation of the user interface to help stakeholders understand the design and make informed decisions about the project.

Hi Fidelity Design

Hi-Fidelity Design, also known as high-fidelity prototyping, is the stage in the user experience (UX) design process where the design solution is brought to life with the highest level of detail and visual representation. It involves creating a highly polished, interactive and functional prototype of the final product, with the aim of providing an accurate representation of the user interface and overall user experience. The goal of hi-fidelity design is to validate the design concepts and ensure that the design solution meets the user needs and business requirements.

Mobile App

Mobile app UX design focuses on creating an intuitive and enjoyable user experience by considering factors such as usability, accessibility, and user preferences on mobile devices.

Landing Page

Landing page UX design is the process of optimizing user experience on a single page with the goal of converting visitors into customers through clear messaging, engaging visuals, and intuitive navigation.

Organized Layout

Organizing UI design for developers involves creating clear and well-structured design specifications that can be easily understood and implemented by the development team. This includes creating detailed wireframes or prototypes, providing specifications for typography, color, spacing, and other visual elements, and using design systems to ensure consistency across the user interface. Good organization also involves effective communication between designers and developers, as well as regular review and feedback to ensure the design is accurately translated into code. The goal is to create a seamless and efficient handoff process that results in a high-quality end product.

Design Process & Client​

After thoroughly analyzing the system and conducting a multi-level research process, I developed a comprehensive plan for this UX design project. The user flow was a critical component in this planning process, allowing me to understand the needs and expectations of the users.

The wireframe was instrumental in visualizing the design and helped guide the development of the design solutions. I then created the high-fidelity design which showcased the final output of this project.

I am pleased to report that the client was highly satisfied with the results and offered me another project for UI/UX design. This further confirms the success of this project and demonstrates the effectiveness of my design approach. I am proud of the work we have done and am confident that it will have a positive impact on the user experience. Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to this project.

Client Testimonial